MidSeason Reminders from the NJSIAA


OCTOBER 6, 2022

Report of Meeting:
NFHS Questionnaire will be available on the website on November 4 th and will close December 2 nd . All officials are expected to respond to this. If there are topics you would like to have covered in the questionnaire, sending them to me.
Discussion of allowing the 3 rd set if match is already decided when using the 2 0f 3 format. NFHS does not allow this.
Jewelry issue will be covered on the annual questionnaire with possibility of moving to the NCAA rule of allowing post or studs but not allowing jewelry below the chin.
Team Rosters – looking at de-emphasizing the need to hand in a the pre-match be still having it at the table.
Team benches – the majority of the states are not switching or allowing schools to decide.
Use of headsets in communicating between officials – this is not prohibited but headsets cost about $120. Some states are using it for training of new officials.
Hair Adornments – new rule & interpretation seems to be working with no problem to report.
“Ball up” – this phrase is acceptable from players on the court only & if it is not considered disconcerting. Comments should not be from the bench or spectators.
Learning Center (nfhslearn.com) – free courses on Ball Handling, Alignment & Electric Whistle

Mechanics Reminders:
Signal #2, Line Violation – besides being used for foot faults & centerline violations, it is also used when the ball passes completely under the net (other than a served ball)
Line Judges are not ball retrievers. Remind players at pre-match or during Sportsmanship Statement reading to pursue balls which land on their side of the court.
On the coin toss – coin is caught and NOT turned over
Net Fault – contact with any part of the net including net cables or antennas are considered a net fault. Also, if the ball hits the net outside the antenna, it is out of bounds