Cadet Program Information

Our next class starts on July 8. Application is available at the bottom of this page. Please read the following information carefully.

Process Overview

The cadet program consists of two phases: the academic portion, and the certification process.

For the academic portion, you will meet with the cadet supervisor for several sessions to learn the rules of high school volleyball and prepare for the certification test. Once the test is taken, an passed, you will then meet for several on-court training sessions to learn the mechanics and protocols for officiating a high school volleyball match.

After the training is complete, you will begin the certification process. The certification process consists of three phases:

  1. Observations – you will attend high school matches and watch and/or shadow raters who will explain what they are doing and things to look for. You may work some points or sets during this phase.
  2. Critiques – once the raters feel you are ready, you will be scheduled to work matches under the supervision of a rater. You will work the match and the rater will give guidance (some during the match, other guidance afterwards) to prepare you for your rating
  3. Ratings – you will work matches while being evaluated by a rater. You will not receive any feedback during the match. Once you pass enough ratings as the R! (up) official and the R2(down) official, you will be certified.

Scheduling of Matches

An extremely large portion of the schedule is made up of weekday matches. Most matches start between 3:45 and 4:00pm. This means officials must be on site and ready to start pre-match protocols by 3:15.


  1. Pay $270.00 for Clinic Fee (includes 2 years CJVOA membership).
  2. Take the CJVOA Cadet Training Clinic/Class.
  3. Pass Cadet-in-Training Exam
  4. Pass the NFHS State Certification Exam on line and receive 84%+
  5. As a CIT you must complete the following and within 2 years:
    • Register with NJSIAA and pay required fees – $55 Registration Fee, $10 Background Check Fee ** Note these fees are paid upon becoming a CIT
    • Attend 1-2 matches to observe (must be done during the scrimmage season)
    • Attend 2+ matches to practice/shadow other officials/be critiqued
    • Get a recommendation to be rated by an assigned mentor and/or a CJVOA Rating Team Member
    • Pass multiple rating sessions as an R1 (from different CJVOA Raters)
    • Pass multiple rating sessions as an R2 (from different CJVOA Raters)
    • Work at least 8 matches assigned by CJVOA
    • Newly rated officials may not accept High School Assignments outside CJVOA

NOTE: Each cadet proceeds through the on-court training and ratings individually. More experienced cadets with a volleyball background generally advance faster than those who do not have a lot of volleyball experience. Therefore, the amount of time needed before being able to work matches varies.

*All CIT’s are under the guidance of the Director of Certification and Advancement regarding scheduling matches to attend to observe, be critiqued, and/or rated. All critiques and ratings are to be submitted to the Director of Certification.

Chapter Assignor will be contacted by Director of Certification when the process is completed.

Please do not let the above overwhelm you, the process is not difficult as long as you pass the test, are able to attend afternoon HS matches to observe, be critiqued, or be rated, on a regular basis, and most of all, be open to some constructive criticism and advice, and hand in all completed paperwork.

Click on the following link for the application:

Helpful Hints: Get as much court experience as you can whether it’s observing on TV., or better yet, going and watching a local high school match or any volleyball league in the area. Observe as much as possible prior to the clinic. Get familiar and comfortable with the game.